Same inventory, more ad revenue!
Increase your revenue potential for every ad impression served.


Why ReklamUp ?

ReklamUp is a Google Ad Exchange (Google AdX) and Google MCM partner ad network that operates as Google AdXSeller and works with Google Ad Manager.

ReklamUp provides all in one solution with Google Ad Manager (GAM). As being expert in publisher monetization for more than 10 years, we work with brands, media buying agencies and publishers all around the world.

As ReklamUp, we increase your mobile app's and website's revenue and eCPMs by app mediation, open bidding, optimization, header bidding and offering new ad layouts.

ReklamUp monetizes all types of inventory including videos, standard display banners, interstitials, rewarded videos, games and apps.

What We Offer

Higher eCPMs via Google Ad Exhange demand.
More revenue with open bidding partners.
A reliable partner in your app mediation waterfall.
Google Ad Manager (DFP) integration.
Header bidding technology and integration.
App mediation technology and integration.
Technical support.
Ad layout optimization.
Competitive prices and better ROIs for brands and advertisers.


What is your payment timeline?

Our payment term is NET 30 days.

How can we start?

It is super easy. Just send us the placements you would like to use and the floor prices if you like to have, then we create the ad units and you plug them in.

What is app mediation?

App mediation is the header bidding for mobile Apps. ReklamUp is a mobile ad mediation ad network that uses Google Ad Manager for both Android and iOS apps. No SDK required.

What are the technologies you provide?

Free app mediation consultancy to reach higher eCPMs and ARPDAU.

What is header bidding?

Header bidding is a technology which serves highest paying ads from different ad networks and exchanges in real time.

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